A Connection with Plein Air Painting

Follow along Marilyn's path and share her vision of the landscape as she captures a moment in time.

Picture yourself on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or standing on a wooded hillside watching the sun go down, by a mountain stream, or a valley filled with the colors of spring. These are just a few of the sights that tantalize the eye and charm the soul. How exciting to be there, brush in hand, choosing the composition and producing a canvas that will transport the viewer to that time and place. Her work is truly a "labor of love".
Marilyn Greenblat Painting on LocationPlein Air Painting Easel

These are the sights of PLEIN AIR PAINTING. Because it is such an immediate art, painting in the moment, it is a personal statement by the artist; and by extension, a personal statement by the owner of the painting who shares in the experience.

These expressive and colorful paintings hold a special place in the art world for people wanting to connect with nature. For the artist, this is an addictive pursuit, and for the collector, it is an expression of appreciation for our beautiful world.

Marilyn pauses to answer questions