Marilyn has had an abiding interest in art and creativity all her life. Whether drawing a chair in her family room, a sports car on the track, a vase of flowers, or a quick sketch of her dog, her eye is constantly focused on a form, an object, a shape.

However, several years ago, a strong desire to pursue oil painting resulted in a new and consuming passion, painting plein-air. The opportunity to combine the natural outdoor setting with the painting process is a positively exhilarating and exciting experience.

Too much fun for any one person!

Marilyn lives in Marin County, an extraordinarily beautiful area, and since she was born in San Francisco, she is absolutely devoted to this, her home territory. Surrounded by bay views, the Pacific ocean, forests, hillsides, wildlife refuges, marshes; a wonderful and diverse landscape; the choice of view, and the chance to capture the moment is truly an inspiring activity.

Painting from life occasionally results in painting a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit.

Landscape, still life, animals, portraits, all different but equally challenging subjects. How lucky to be faced with the joyful dilemma, what to paint today!!